Areas of Expertise

Quo Vadis Humane?

Are we ready for changes?

Where from to take unbiased algorithms and how to secure the internal compass of human beings? How to take a wider perspective on the human his/her readiness for the technological revolution? ■


Coherent Leadership™

Future Level 6 Leadership

How to grow Coherent Leaders™ who will meet the needs of VUCA and BANI world?  Why are today’s leaders stuck in Tunnel Development? ■


Ethics of AI

Humanity in Big Data and Algorithms.

How to preserve humanity in the stream of Big Data and algorithms? How to regulate new technologies and preserve/develop critical thinking of people? Founder of Center for Ethics of Technology at Humanites Institute 

Future of Work

Are we ready for changes?

Are leaders ready to take the responsibility of preparing people for changes (reskilling)? Why helping people to find a sense of purpose is a crucial element of the future of work… maybe without work?


Break Silo Approach

How to get away from it in problem-solving?

Why does the world need to go back to a community approach as opposed to ageism? What inspiration for that comes from a “Village” Model of Social Ecosystem™?


Sense of Purpose

Why we Face Existential emptiness?

How to bring a sense of purpose in the corporate hybrid world? How to build a meaningful life? Why is it  in the interest of the business to support it… and how? What is the power of the Coherent Leadership ™. ■

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Models & Systemic Projects

Leadership | Business | Society | Education

Humanites Institute: Think&Do Tank

The idea to set up the Humanites Institute™ to tackle man’s relationship with his ecosystem, which faces an ongoing technological transformation, kept generating for many years. Now is the time to stop and think about what it means to be a complete human being. 



Leadership - Business - Family - Education

“The Village” Model of Social Ecosystem™

It is the model presenting the silo-breaking approach to the current business, social, and environmental problems in the entire ecosystem. The model focuses on the four, most combined forces that impact the human being and its decisions, fears and competencies.

Family - Education - Business - Society

"The Loop" Nonlinear Long-Term Social Development Model™

The Fractale „Loop” Model shows the long term impact on human and social capital development with the leading role of business as an unutilised social impact force in terms of human capital development. Initiated to facilitate projects in four main areas of the ecosystem of the “Village” Model of Social Ecosystem™.


Leadership - Business - Family - Education

Model of the Coherent Leadership™

The Coherent Leadership ™ – people find purpose and business brings results! It is a holistic model and programme based on internal coherence, internal integration of private and professional roles and multidimensional development of leaders in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. 


The innovator and social entrepreneur, impact investor and C-Level executive, founder of the Humanites Institute. The author of the Coherent Leadership Model ™ (the first leadership model on the Polish market), „The Village Model” and the “The Loop” – Non-Linear Model of Long-Term Development and Return on Social Capital Humanites.

She is a complex, systemic thinker, taking a wide view on the global trends and human being in the process of transformation. Connects different worlds, often artificially divided, such as new technologies and ethics, technology and people, family and work, education and business.


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