The Humanites Institute

In my opinion,the world needs more of those who think differently. Madmen who see that one of the endangered species is now, paradoxically, HUMAN.


Being one of the pioneers of the fintech industry in Europe and managing companies in Poland and CEE countries and at the same time holding a role of mother of three children and wife I noted a dangerously growing gap between the speed of development of new technologies, including IA, social media and e-commerce fed with self-learning algorithms taking control over people and the real readiness of human beings to adapt to the changes and to defend themselves from being more and more lonely, depressed and externally controlled.

That led me to found in 2010 of  Humanites Institute as a Think&DO tank aiming at the broad view on Human in Technological Revolution in a wide Ecosystem and looking for systemic social impact.

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Today, we face a real challenge: the complexity and volatility of the world require breaking the silo approach in problem-solving.


And on top of the speed of tech revolution, we have the tensions accumulated during the coronavirus, a sharp increase in unemployment, followed by phenomena that have been progressing over the years: the degradation of the public education, media not teaching but competing on sensation and growing social stratification.


To address that challenge, I have created Humanites Institute based on The Village Model of Development, which is inspired by African saying that it takes a whole village to raise one child.

Humanites Institute is a reminder that man is something more than just a brain, impuls, algorithm and consumption.


Looking for systemic ways how to reach that purpose we focus on the development of Leaders and Leadership in all areas and levels of “The Village” 

From a single neighbourhood to global (Family, Business&Work, Education, Media&Culture) using the philosophy of The Coherent Leadership Model.


That assumes living in accordance with universal values, integration of professional and private life and multidimensional development of a human being in all spheres: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As a critical element, determining the ability of human beings to develop and adopt we particularly perceive emotional health coming from sound, loving family ties.

The Institute not only generates new ideas but works as a Do Tank initiating projects with leverage effect for social change (domino effect) in all crucial areas of the Ecosystem/The Village i.e. Family, Education, Business&Work Environment, Media&Culture looking in each of the projects how to combine dots and bring closer artificially divided worlds such as business and education or family and work.

The main projects together with their social impact:

Conferences for Business Leaders: „Coherent Leadership. Human&Technology“

Human&Technology. Coherent Leadership™.

Unique annual Conferences for top business leaders combining the subjects of leadership, humanity and business and technological trends.


Conferences that connect dots and bring together many different worlds. We address the hottest technological innovations and at the same time touch deep philosophical questions related to humanity.

Leadership Academy for The Leaders of Education

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant tree. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children”.

Poland’s first leadership development program for schoolmasters and education leaders. School is people!

We need wise, courageous leaders in education who will dare to go beyond the usual patterns of education and develop the competencies of the future of the new generation.  To engage parents, families and the wider ecosystem of the schools in preparing young people for meaningful life in the volatile, complex world and not just for the next test.


2 Hours for Family

Global Social Movement to Bring People Closer!

The world is changing but some universal needs of humans – being noticed, appreciated, loved to remain unchanged!

The movement initiated by Humanites Institute in 2012 in Poland addressing the following challenges:



a growing phenomenon of loneliness, speed of life, stress and the deterioration of family ties resulting in growing mental and physical disorders, the need for changing corporate culture towards work-life integration and wellbeing.



Each year we engage thousands of companies and their employees. Each of employ beyond his/her corporate role is a father, mother, wife, husband, grandparent, sister, brother.