Models & Systemic Projects

Humanites Institute: Think&Do Tank

The idea to set up the Humanites Institute™ to tackle man’s relationship with his ecosystem, which faces an ongoing technological transformation, kept generating for many years. Now is the time to stop and think about what it means to be a complete human being. 



“The Village” Model of Social Ecosystem™


It is the model presenting the silo-breaking approach to the current business, social, and environmental problems in the entire ecosystem. The model focuses on the four, most combined forces that impact the human being and its decisions, fears and competencies.

"The Loop" Nonlinear Long-Term Social Development Model™

The Fractale „Loop” Model shows the long term impact on human and social capital development with the leading role of business as an unutilised social impact force in terms of human capital development. Initiated to facilitate projects in four main areas of the ecosystem of the “Village” Model of Social Ecosystem™.


Model of the Coherent Leadership™

The Coherent Leadership ™ – people find purpose and business brings results! It is a holistic model and programme based on internal coherence, internal integration of private and professional roles and multidimensional development of leaders in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres.