About Me

Seeking for New Answers

I am constantly searching for answers whether we can create some stability in volatility?

How to take advantage of the tech revolution and not lose the essence of Human Being? How to get away from the silo approach in problem-solving, and start looking at the world around us more comprehensively? How to take care of the economy and macro issues without losing a man in it and be an option for growing populism? How to be an effective leader in the world seemingly run by the strict rules, and not to lose sensitivity and empathy at the same time?

I am constantly searching for answers whether we can create some stability in volatility? Currently, we demand day to day readiness to look for new methods and to be open to testing solutions. 

How can we do that when many of today’s leaders have arisen from old paradigms and they are limited by Tunnel Development? Which is a part of the problem why we observe such a big crisis of leadership! Coherent Leadership™ is my proposed alternative way of bringing a new quality of leaders.

At my works, I combine approaches of John Maxwell (leadership), Brene Brown (sensitivity), Yuval Harari, and Olga Tokarczuk (as looking for new thoughts as well as warning and warning about long-term cause-effect relationships in seemingly unrelated spaces).

Being a change

In all my activities I look for new ways to connect dots

I encourage others to follow this mindset, showing that today’s world is too complex, comprehensive and is accompanied by very high volatility and uncertainty (VUCA world) making us unable to solve problems using a silo approach.


Working internationally for over 25 years in consulting and fintech business in Poland and Internationally I was observing technological, business, and social trends seeing the growing gap between the speed of tech revolution and the ability of human beings to adapt. I observed the growing crisis of family ties, phenomena of loneliness, depression and other physical and mental disorders. 


I have also seen the inadequacy of competencies that may support people in the process of being smart users of technology but not being enslaved to it.


Moreover, I have noticed the mismatch between the skills that are on-demand in the VUCA world such as self-regulation, cognitive skills, critical thinking, empathy and the whole education system that is not sufficiently responding to these needs. As a response to these needs, I founded APLO (Academy of Leadership for Leaders in Education).

Connecting Worlds

I love connecting people, different thoughts, worlds often artificially divided

That includes new technologies and ethics, technology and people, family and work, education and business.

This can be seen in any of the Humanites Institute projects and particularly in Human&Technology annual Conferences where business leaders meet with philosophers, artists, scientists, educators and many others.



I am also an investor, C-level executive, MIT start-up mentor,  a wife, mother of three children. Passionate about wandering through the deserts around the world. Which helps me to keep a fresh mind and connect body, mind and soul. My first desert was Mojave and Death Valley back in 1998. Since then I have been experiencing the beauty of sunrises in many deserts around the Globe.



I try to visit one of the deserts every year, take time in the vastness for a while, living like a nomad, sleeping in the open air, baking bread on fire and discussing with the natives. In the deserts, I experience silence, a scarce resource in a highly urbanized world, where more than half of the population lives in cities.


Heading for Future

I am an ambassador of a thoughtful, responsible view of society

The society that has the ability to combine the wisdom and legacy of the past generations and the potential of the future. Iam breaking the silo approach and seeing the strong need to rebuild the community in opposition to growing individualism  (“The Village” and “The  Loop” Models). And a strong believer that dots will connect one day!



I create and implement innovative systemic solutions in the social, business and educational space looking for domino effect. To do so, I use the socially and business recognized unique Model of Coherent Leadership ™ (that draws from the experiences of Polish economic development) and the original “The Village” Model of Social Ecosystem™ as well as the “The Loop”  Nonlinear Social Development Model™.