Model of the Coherent Leadership™

In a volatile, complex and diversified world, we need leaders who can flexibly move along the leadership scale from directiveness to empathy. Leaders who can combine business targets and human needs and longings and can bring back business from purely transactional zone to more relationship-based.

Saying that, approximately 20 years ago I asked myself a question – what is then the Missing Element of Leadership that with all the knowledge that we possess it still does not allow for bringing closer the perspectives of people and business, the macro and micro worlds.

Exploring the question and looking for the source of the problem I have defined the term of Tunnel Development, as I noticed that the biggest limitation of business leaders today is their one-dimensional development and lack of self-reflection. Simply speed in the tunnel with a limited view and limited contact with the outside world.

Therefore, the development of leadership cannot be based purely on strengthening the skills that are useful at work. Its basis should be the pursuit of coherence in all roles of life. Because leadership is not only what you do, but primarily who you are as a human being despite the roles that you are playing at the moment in professional or public life (coherence of values in different roles).


The way out from one-dimensional Tunnel Development™  to create a space where people gain a sense of purpose and business reaches its goals. The model proved in real business life with building highly motivated cultures and teams based on the meaningful life of individuals.

As a basis of the Model lies the sense of purpose, insightful awareness of values and multidimensional development of leaders in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas (coherence of development).

Model consists of eight (8) steps that support our way in going out of the Tunnel in order to broaden our perspective and allow for using our full potential:

 This leads to Level 6 Leaders that develop themselves to develop others coherently both in private and professional roles combining long and short term perspectives. The model emphasizes the need for leadership on all levels, that everyone can lead where we are. 

The world needs courageous leaders who will have the ability and courage to see from the perspective of future generations.


More of those who think differently. Madmen who see that one of the endangered species is now, paradoxically, HUMAN. 


It is possible and necessary to fight for a model of leadership that respects the human being, according to the principle that a human is more than … brain, instinct, algorithm, consumption.

In the leadership of the future, it is not just the result that matters, but the way in which it is achieved.